Lightweight and easy to carry

Rainlegs are carried like a belt around your waist. For more information pleas watch the short movie on the right side.

Advantages of Rainlegs

1. Fast and straight forward connectors
2. No more condensation
3. Excellent maneuverability
4. Suitable for various outdoor activities


Roll out and fix

When it starts raining you simply rol it out en fix it with a velcro and a quick fastener.

4 colours and 5 sizes

Rainlegs are available in Black, Grey, Fluorescent Yellow end Pure White (Photo Gallery) and sizes from XS until XL.

Comfortable warm & dry

Now the most important part of your legs and knees stay comfortabel warm & dry.

"Less is more"

Only the most important part is left. Rainlegs are unique in simplicity btut with all the benefits of comfort.

Photo Gallery

Rainlegs Movie